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Travel tip

Just got back from Taiwan a few hours ago, and I’m refining my theory about flying business class. Here are the two rules that I have now:

  • If flying for business and the flight is >6 hours, your company should pick up business class (Intel does not, and I think the policy is ridiculous - the difference in how rested you are at the end of a long flight between business and economy is crazy)
  • If you’re going to upgrade yourself due to poor company policy, try to get upgraded on the way back, rather than on the way out. This may be a work/life priority thing, but for me I’d much rather push through some business meetings than be exhausted when I get home and want to do things with friends and family.

Unfortunately, I did not get upgraded (was waitlisted but didn’t clear the list) on the way back home, so I’m currently exhausted. Off to bed for a couple hours…