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PDF files

Couple cool pieces of free sofware to do PDF stuff:

  • Foxit reader. If you’re tired of Adobe Reader’s slow load times, splash screens, intrusive update process and desire to install a bunch of other crap on your system, this is for you. My favorite feature (besides 1.5MB install and super-fast load time) is the ability to annotate PDF documents (highlight sections, strikeout, type onto forms that weren’t designed for forms, etc.). There are some nits with the software, but nothing worth going back to Adobe Reader for. Fantastic.
  • PrimoPDF. Installs a virtual printer that creates a PDF file. File->Print from any application and get a PDF output. There’s a few other pieces of software that do the same thing as well.

Foxit software also has a fairly cheap PDF editor even though you could technically edit using the reader and the PrimoPDF tool. This makes me wonder…is the one of the main benefit for PDFs (non-editable content without resorting to serious DRM technologies) starting to erode?