New Blog

I am transitioning to a new blog host and new, well, everything regarding my blog. I had the following goals when creating this new blog site:

  • Remove dependence on
  • Change the url. It's now more common to not have "blog" in the url
  • Reduce the page size/number of requests
  • Improve the speed of the site (see above, plus CDN)
  • SSL everywhere

This is still a work in progress and the styling will be updated moving forward, but I'm a fan of dark themes, so this is roughly where I'm going.

As part of this change, I've embraced hugo as a static site generator. I like hugo for a number of reasons:

  • It's fast
  • It requires no third party software (like Jekyl requires Ruby). Important since I might author in Windows, Mac, or online
  • It's written in golang, which appeals to my inner tech core
  • It's easy to use, especially with github gist support in 0.15!

My old authoring process was completely online in blogger. This site is now in github, so I can still author online or offline at any time. Publishing is still a work in progress and will be fodder for another post.

Things I'm thrilled about

The size/speed of the site is fantastic. When I host the site I'll put things on a CDN as well, but I'm glad to go from 94 requests (and console errors):


To 2:


I also get to remove the dependency on SyntaxHighlighter. This is a great library but loading it all the time when I just needed it for certain posts was a bear. Instead, I'll be using Github Gists.

Things I'm still tweaking

  • Font. I wanted to avoid a web font due to the extra request, but I'm not sure that's possible. I'm just not happy with Arial/Verdana or Georgia on the Serif side
  • Sizing. I increased the font size from the original gindoro theme when tweaking my fork. Since the point is to have a blog, and the point of a blog is to read it, why not make the size relatively large? Anyway, I'm still tweaking spacing and such as a result.
  • Flair. The site might be minimal, but maybe a bit too minimal.
  • Comments. I'd like to enable comments without a lot of ceremony. Currently I don't have comments, but am considering Disqus or Discourse

Things I want improved

I'd like for hugo to support explicit image sizing and relative urls for images. On this post, I had to specify the full public url on the image tags, and height/width directives do not pass through. Since hugo is open source, that would be a great pull request in my spare time.